Monday, 27 March 2017

New drawing, works in progress and Barnoon Workshop.


Above finally is the drawing that has taken some 10 hours or more to complete. Once you start adding dots and circles to the original pattern the hours just melt away, even with taking this amount of time on one drawing I am trying to keep them somehow free and not over ordered, if that is possible.

 Above is the drawing I started directly after finishing the previous one, I am not sure it is finished yet but it might just be. For now I shall continue on with the book and worry about that later. Nice and free so far.

 This is the next drawing I started on and feel it is definitely not finished but how to move on? I didn't let that stop me drawing so today in a little gap I carried on drawing setting another up to be worked on tonight, so above and below unfinished but now tempting.

Above is a pic of something I was drawing this morning as part of DRAW! the Monday morning drawing class at Barnoon Workshop. Whilst I was doing my preliminary sketches had an interesting conversation with a member of the group about Paula Rego and the documentary that was shown on Saturday night. It certainly was a very fascinating hour and made by her son, intense honesty are the first two words that come to mind in summing up the program.

The Stennack

Above and below are a couple of pics from around town (St Ives) this afternoon whilst we were taking posters around for future events.

Tourist View

I am off to draw and think and relax and have a couple of ciders, cheers.

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