Saturday, 25 March 2017

Obliterarty Volume 3, first ten and work in progress. Contemporary Abstract Drawing.


Above is the drawing I did in last evenings drawing session and at the time half of me thought it was probably finished but looking at it now here I know it isn't and will carry on with it when this blog is finished. It is the 11th drawing in my latest project, 'Obliterarty Volume 3". This whole altered book will be up for sale or exhibition when it is finished, I am about a 6th in. So quite a lot to do until I reach that objective.

Today has been a lovely sunny if not slightly windy day, after getting a few posters copied we went around the town via The Arts Club and a quick beachcomb on Lambeth Beach, some sea pottery and sea glass was found then we mouched of to The Sloop Market to see Erin Lacy. Then we went home via the shops. Did some Barnoon work and ate a hearty meal with a glass of red, how cultured.

I will leave you with the first 10 pages of my new project.

I am off to draw and stuff!

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