Sunday, 12 March 2017

New drawings in my nearly finished book, Barnoon Workshop and Tate St Ives.

Sunday: I have spent the day drawing faces trying to get myself portrait worthy, I have less than three weeks and I am quite happy with what I have been doing but I am not sure they are worth money yet but I am finding a language to express myself in this way so therefore I am not sharing any of them yet. My wife Zoe has been painting, working on three canvases and they are coming on really well I think. So we have had a creative day which is good for us.

Above is the first drawing I completed yesterday a real minimal offering for me and still trying to explore hollow dots. I really like the misty bled through ink from the other side of the paper.

This following drawing also done last night is continuing the  same theme but working it in a different manner.

Above is the third drawing in yesterdays series. Hollow dots, circles, whatever they are I like the way they look on paper.

Above is the last in the series that I did last night and is quite a raw splurge of a drawing, riffing on the theme again and looking very bold.

I have eight more pages to do in this new 'hand made' book and still untitled I will get on with the thinking later when I start drawing. The book will be up for sale when it is finished but I do need to find a buyer for this and many other works, I can tell you I could do with the money, March is always a hard month waiting for business to pick up around Easter. I do cheaper prices at this time of year especially now I don't have a gallery to undercut. So if anyone is interested please do get in touch.

We are getting some new events up on our Barnoon Workshop website and FB pages.  
So hopefully we will be getting some ticket sales for future workshops soon. It has been quite a sparse winter especially as the footpath has been closed off by the workshop meaning we get far less 'drop ins' and leaflets taken advertising our workshops. The path is meant to be open by Easter and also another help will be Tate St Ives opening again on the 31st March so there will be more art tourist in town. We all welcome The Tate opening again after 18 months being shut. We have had quite a hard time with it being closed for so long and also the hoardings bearing down on us.

Tomorrow morning we have our drawing class to start the week so that is something to look forward to.

I am off to do the washing up and a bit of shopping before I start to draw tonight.

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