Sunday, 5 March 2017

New drawings and older ones too.

Sunday: A bit of a slow start as it should be sometimes.

Above are a pair of sea pottery drawings getting ready for a new art drop but I am also thinking of maybe putting together some 'collections' of them but I haven't quite worked it all out in my head yet.

Above is a drawing I did in last evenings drawing session and it is the third one in my hand made book. For a relatively small drawing it took quite a while. I will be working on the book later.

Above is a grid drawing I quite a while ago using the bleeding narrative from the other side and then finishing it with a silver marker on this side.

Above is another from the same book and below yet another from that series of work. These smaller works although individual become whole books and indeed thoughts for larger and future works.

Last year I rather got into using pro-markers and found I had loads of patterns in me using the wedge end. So above is one on paper and below is one on slate.

Above is one of my pebble drawings. using gel pens a sharpie and uni-pin.

Above and below are two sides of the same coin so to speak and a complete bleeding narrative, two drawing that are the reverse of each other.

Above is another example of wedge end pro marker use and I really loved adding the top dots, I love its simplicity and also its complexity too and I must think about doing a much larger scale variations on this theme sometime. That will have to wait until later in time once we get some real money coming in once the season starts to get going, such a seasonal town and really looking forward to it starting, can't come soon enough.

Well as I have been writing this I have plotting and thinking of a whole range of drawing I might do in the next little while.

Cheers and thanks for looking.

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