Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Work in Progress, previous work and stuff.


Above is the drawing that I was engaged in last night as I got further into the drawing it seemed like I was getting into a Howard Hodgkin vibe, having seen a recent documentary that was re-shown after his death maybe I am a little influenced on this on. I do not think it is finished yet but up until now I have no idea what I will do next. I will find out later when I start drawing.

Today has been a quiet cancelled workshop kind of a day, however I did have a guitar lesson tonight, my regular student didn't make it tonight but a lady who is in town for a few days did and I think she will get back to playing now after a few years absence. During the course of the lesson she revealed she worked for The Whitechapel Gallery in London.

After the lesson I have returned home to write this blog and as it has been quite an uneventful day I will leave you with some drawings I did a while ago as part of various projects and they are in various books but give you a good flavour of some of the work I do.

I hope you liked them or find them interesting.

I am off to draw and relax and take it the fact that our government have triggered Article 50 and I now wonder what the hell will happen to our country. I am becoming less of a believer in politics after this last nine months. I hope it goes better than I suspect but I do think the whole idea of referendum and the narrow margin of the 'leave victory' and the way it was sold to the public was packed full of lives and it now looks like the whole of the UK could break up to. Is that what 'we' wanted, I doubt it. It all seems a bit dumb to me and I am waiting for a good explanation of why this is a good positive thing to do. I still feel European and British, will that change? Who knows I can only imagine what will unfold and it worries me.

Cheers all.

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