Friday, 10 March 2017

Yesterday's drawings and more....


Above is the first drawing I did yesterday and I got right into this 'circle thing' and continued on the theme as you can see with the other drawings that continued.

This is the the drawing on the other side of the page and is a reaction to the bleed through and it is more minimal.

I then thought it would right to put another spin on the theme. These are all in my  new hand made book, I am still not sure I have a title for it yet but I am hoping that the more pages I fill it will come to me, either way it is my third handmade book project.

Above another spin on the circle theme.

Above treating the same theme but actually more tighter circles, I like it's looseness.

This is a drawing I started in last nights drawing session but it only was the circles but while we were up at The Carbis Bay Hotel today I had time to add the inside dots. I do like drawing when out and about and what seems to be nice is that enough people do this it is quite the 'norm' so you don't really seem to get very much attention being in public drawing.

Here also is another little drawing I did last night and will contribute to a future art drop.

So I am expecting to do less drawing tonight as we have friends coming round for dinner and it will be a nice social for us all. I will report back tomorrow.

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