Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Finished and new.


Finally after about four weeks work 'Obliterarty Vol 2' is now complete Above is the finished off back cover and would you believe I am very happy with it and the way it riffs with the front cover below.

Whilst I had finished to cover I then went right through the whole book and was really rather pleased with it all but I did find a drawing that I had modified and forgotten it so here it is below.

Above is the final drawing I did last evening, so with nothing to obliterate I want back to a small-ish bit of fabriano 300 gsm that I had left over from something or other and did this...

Today has been a bit of a scampering around kind of day, quite a lot of things to sort out and do. Late this afternoon I also delivered a guitar class. I am now home and thinking what I am going to draw on next, it would be easy if I had another book that I was looking forward to working on but I don't seem to have such a thing so I will just have a look around when I have finished this blog.

Below I am sharing some slightly older drawings than yesterday.

So above is a drawing on a sea pottery shard I found on one of our many beaches. I do like to do small works like this and quite often I leave them around town or other towns when I visit. Free art.

Sometimes I work on blank post cards.

Some times I work on A1 size Fabriano 300gsm and I do like doing larger work like this and one day would love to have the finances or the offer of a larger exhibition than I have had so far.

 Above are two of the smaller drawings I have done, the left one on some sea worn ceramic and on the right a singular homage to Ai weiwei but on a pumpkin seed rather than a hand painted porcelain sunflower seed and a slightly humorous piece that makes me smile whether anyone else gets it, who knows.

Above is a final bit of sea pottery that I did for a recent art drop.

I am off to think and draw and hopefully relax a bit too. Cheers!

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