Saturday, 18 March 2017

New Obliterarty again, and slate and paper drawings too.

Saturday, has been a mixed bag of a day.

 Above is the first drawing I did in last evenings drawing session, I think it will be used for a future art drop. I have had this little piece of slate on the table for a few weeks but yesterday it looked inviting.

Above is the second drawing in my newly started 'Obliterarty Volume 3' book. I seem to have a stained glass window thing going on but on a much larger scale than my previous 'obliterarty' book. This book is 13.5" by 9.5" and I will have to complete around 70 drawings to complete it, so 2 done and 68 to go.

Here is the start of the 3rd drawing, I am now thinking about it and pondering what I will add next. It seems to me that so far it is another in my series of 'hollow dots'. I think I will pause for thought when I open the book up later to continue this task I seem to have set myself. It will be a good months work at least.

I also have to think what drawings I am putting into the the next open show  at The Mariners and hoping I get it all together and happy with the work.

Last night we watched a documentary on Chuck Close and his art and how he has moved on through the years. I am not sure if I like all the work really but I do understand how he fits into the scheme of modern American art from the times he lived through. In the documentary he was working on a new self portrait and what I did really like about it was the patterns he build up his images with and I appreciate the technique and skill and effort especially as he is disabled but I must be some sort of abstract purist but I loved and responded to sections of this large painting rather than the whole painting. Having said that I would love the chance of seeing the work for real up close, I might respond entirely differently.

Today we have been trying to organise future Barnoon Workshop activities and to this end my wife had a chat with Angela Roberts and then we spent a bit of time at Pick Pretty Paints in The Sloop Market. Had green tea and and talked about all sorts of stuff.

Since then we have had dinner and I have been writing this whilst listening to Craig Charles on BBC 6 Music, still my favourite radio station by far and so glad we all helped save it must be around 7 years since it all kicked off.

I am aiming not only to draw tonight but if television is less than enthralling we have a Marc Chagall video to watch. A painter I don't know that much about apart from the style and  look of his most famous works. I must have seen a few in my time of visiting galleries so it will be interesting to find out more.

I will finish off this blog by showing some previous works from the last year.

Red and Blue Circles on Gel pen on Slate.

Sharpie Grid

Sharpie Grid

Pro Marker and Fine Liner

Off to draw.

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