Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Art Drop, new drawings and next project etc.

Wednesday: Has been another day in my life.

I am going to start today's blog with the 'art drop' I did yesterday. I haven't been back to see if they have been taken or remain, I expect the former as is normal.

Above is another drawing from my latest now nearly finished 'handmade book'. I only have two more pages to draw and the two inside covers to finish off before I go through it with a fine tooth comb to see if I need to add anything.

Here is another drawing I did in the book last night as a reaction the the previous drawing and the faint ink bleed from the other side despite that I think it looks like quite a clean drawing. A couple of nights ago we saw a documentary on Raoul Dufy and maybe a little bit of his thinking on printing not always being perfect and not filling or over filling the allotted lines of a form can bring to something. The film was actually very interesting but with yet another dreary narration that said quite a lot. The film was actually produced by a company called Artifax and directed by Andrew Snell. In a previous life I met him a few times when he and his crew were making a music documentary called The A to Z of C&W. This documentary actually managed to put into context a musical form that at the time I didn't have much truck with and I certainly appreciated the different view point. The series was headed by Hank Wangford and Billy Bragg and gave me a wider musical field of vision.

In yesterdays blog I shared some picture of my last 'Obliterarty' work and today I happened upon a book in our book stash at the workshop and it caught my attention first just because it looked like the previous on but larger and lo and behold it turned out to to be the same publisher, artist and a similar subject. So this will be my next project to work on. Front cover as it is at the moment and an inside pic that will be obliterated. I once was given a signed book by Gordon Beningfield by a guitar pupil because he knew I was into art. At that point in my life I was soaking up all kinds of art and dabbling with making my own, which I had always kind of done but this was in the times where I wasn't just dabbling but getting my ideas together. Here I am many years later taking my work quite seriously but not overly so.

Today has been a day of some admin, getting the workshop ready for Zoe's afternoon acrylic painting class. I primed many pieces of card as prep the went home to sort out some other stuff for our business and the arrived at the end of her class so I could deliver a guitar lesson, nipped home had dinner and the went back up to Barnoon to deliver another guitar lesson and am now back home writing this and have also just watched a documentary on Anthony Gormley, I love his work but I don't always know why. Many years ago when myself and Zoe my wife went to Newcastle to see an exhibition that she was in we passed the monumental 'The Angel Of The North' and found it very impressive indeed.

I am about to get on with my drawing but have noticed a trend on my blog that it is being viewed more that ever and have averaged quite a bit over 100 views a day, over the first year I was lucky if I got 20 views a day obviously with a few spikes when it was shared or it was on a specific topic but I have no idea way at the moment but it feels good in a funny way that it is getting to more people.

I have also had my 'handed' in to Art Spread for future publicatio and hopefully this will get my work to more folk too and I hope that it will lead on to more sales too.

I am off to draw and get grumpy with the news on the tele.


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