Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New drawing, new concept and gubbins.


So above is a drawing that I did the day before and realised that it needed dots so last night I finished it off and I am now quite pleased with it.

Above is another drawing I did last night on a small piece of driftwood and I now need to find another nine of these, it is part of something a little more conceptual that I have in mind. I was influenced quite a while ago by an exhibition we had a few years ago and the wash of some contemporary art. So the concept so far although it could change is to make ten of these and they will be available to be sent to a future exhibition, although I know not where at this moment but as drawing/sculpture, a kind of installation to dropped randomly from a certain height to see how the fall and lie. More about this later especially as I find similar pieces on the beach. Also in my head I have kind of reference to Jim Lambie and his floors and stick (although that was all done with electrical tape) from the era of the Painting Not Painting exhibition at Tate St Ives, probably ten years or more ago. I loved that show and it was a few years before we moved to St Ives but that show has always stayed with me for its wealth of interesting lest mainstream but ideas.

Recently my mind has been in deep thought over how to extend my drawing and ideas into something a bit more conceptual. It seems a fun mind game to play and to keep searching for new perspectives of drawing and what I do and am trying to do next.

Anyway with all that conceptual stuff mention, here above is a fairly straight forward drawing I did  earlier just playing with ideas and pattern, it is what I do mainly.

Today has been another quietish day the weather was too bad again for me to run a tour although I did go up to the The Workshop if anyone felt hardy enough to be prepared to be taken around town but hey maybe next week. I also got paid for a sale a while ago, which was nice. Thank you.

Tomorrow I have an abstract drawing workshop to do at Barnoon and I have some people who couldn't come to last weeks who are coming to it, I was happy to rearrange it for them and it should be fun too.

Also today my Mother-in-Law, Suzanna has come down from Oxford to stay for a few days so we met her at the train station just after 3:30pm and had a restorative tea/coffee at the Pedn Olva Hotel before returning home for banter and food and below is the view we had out of the window.

It was a bit misty and a bit wet but still lovely so I share it with you.

I have still quite a lot to do tonight so I wrap this blog up with a bendy drawing I did a while ago and I am about to got off and draw and socialise before bed. Cheers all I will be back tomorrow as always and update you on what I have created, good or bad and other events in this artists day.

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