Monday, 6 March 2017

Starting the week and other stuff.


Above is a drawing I did in last nights session, a simple grid. Looking at it again I am not sure if it quite finished, it might need some dots. We will see later when I start drawing.

Above is another drawing I did last night and a new twist on my obliterarty drawings but with a pop art twist.

Today started as nearly every Monday does by me attending and helping my wife Zoe Eaton's drawing class at Barnoon Workshop. Today session was about drawing with bleach. Above is a drawing I did on paper stained with coffee. I used a stick to draw with that had originally been used with indian ink. I dipped it in the bleach like ink and drew these bulbs, I love the vague ink lines that the bleach enabled. I tried to keep it simple and it kind of reminds me of Jessica Cooper's work not intentional.

This is my second attempt of a coffee stained and bleach drawing, this time I used some compressed charcoal that I happened upon. then used sharpies and a pilot V7. Nicely primitive.

Near the end of Zoe's drawing class I did this red onion mainly with sharpies but didn't use bleach.

Above is a book that an old friend published quite a few years ago now and I have been reading through it again and studying how he captures faces with a few simple lines and some shading. By the way this book is a fab and joyful book. Paul is an old friend from Milton Keynes and is still producing cartoons for himself but also gets published in Viz from time to time. I have been a fan of his work since his first 'Memory Man' comic. Keep up the good work Paul B Rainey.

Off to draw.

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