Saturday, 1 April 2017

Tate St Ives re-opening, new drawings and stuff


 Above is the first drawing I completed last evening and has a slight Rothko vibe, never the less I am very happy with it and it fits in with this book I am working on very well, see previous blogs for the previous strand on this 'Oblitertarty' book.

 Here is the second drawing I did last night whilst we were watching a documentary on the Terracotta Army and it's possible Greek influence. I am pretty happy with this raw pattern and it is the 19th drawing in my new book work.

Today has been a very mixed  day of  getting ready for what is to come in the next week and whilst we set things up at Barnoon Workshop, I did several little art drops around town, this is the one I did near the Tate.

We also picked up The St Ives Times and Echo, see above and found out they had published a piece on our weekend activity at the workshop.

When we had a quick spot of lunch, we had this inquisitive visitor to our table, it made friendly noises and charmed us to dropping small bits of our pastry to eat even taking food out of my hand.

After going about our daily business we the attended the re-opening of Tate St Ives with Erin Lacy and thanks to Tony Lacy for transportation down there. It was a very vibrant affair with lots of artists and celebrities attending, we passed some time with Shanti Baba and many other folk. Nicholas Sorota was in attendance and was part of the speeches. The whole exhibition was really interesting and the inclusion of Leech Pottery was really interesting. Seeing Roelof Uys pots and photos included made it especially pertinent to St Ives for me. I am not sure this will be the populist exhibition it could be but a really interesting show and I will stand by it.

After we left the Tate we then retired with quite a few peeps to The Kettle and Wink for a couple of beers and it was a lovely warm night with friends that we hadn't seen for too long.

This is why my blog is a little bit late tonight.....

Cheers and perhaps a slightly more coherent blog tomorrow.

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