Thursday, 6 April 2017

Work In Progress, Art Drop, Wild Spring Draw etc etc.


Last night I carried on working on this drawing above but again but is unfinished and I will probably carry on with it after I finish this blog tonight. I did get distracted a bit whilst working and did some other stuff too.....

 One of the distractions was I did these sea pottery drawings above for a future art drop or drops.

 I also got distracted by making the second of my drift wood pieces as you can see above. These are part of a slow burning concept work that I have on the go. One of the reasons it is a slow concept is that I have to find 10 of these to draw on and I have so far only found 2 satisfactory bits I have got so far.
The concept so far is that when I have the whole set of 10 done I will offer them up for exhibition to be used as a kind of free sculpture, the decorated sticks will be dropped from a height of 10 inches and left where they fall, I don't mind if they are on a plinth or the floor. I will do this process first and photograph them and then see if I have any takers for this work and the completion or first completion will be when they are exhibited and documented. I like playing around with concepts on a few of my works I think it extends what I do a little.

Today whilst on an outdoor workshop I did these little art drops, above and below between Man's Head and Clodgy. I do wonder whether they have been found yet.

 This was the view back to Porthmeor this morning when I did the drop.

Whilst up there this feature rather caught my eye, I love lichens and the patterns they form and also small 'alpine' plants.

I also did a few drawings with felt tips, fine liner and an 8B pencil on these book pages above and below.

The rest of the day has been spent tweaking our website for our Easter program and hoping that the footpath closure past the workshop to Porthmeor doesn't affect us too much until it opens on Good Friday next week half way through Easter. Hopefully we will still be busy enough.

I was hoping to get to Olives Cafe to start curating the wall the Adrian has offered us to display work but I then had to do a guitar lesson so it will have to be tomorrow now but Adrian seemed to be ok with that.

I am now off to draw and will see what I get done tonight whilst watching Waldemar Januszczak pontificating in his gentle witty way on The Art of Mary Magdalene.

So cheers for tonight and thanks for reading.

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