Sunday, 16 April 2017

New Drawings, Art Drop(s), Ian Pyper, Contemporary Abstract Drawing.


Above is the drawing that I started the day before but had to finish last night, it took a while but it was worth it.

 Above is the drawing that I started and finished last night and I am very pleased with it, it fits in my new book very well.

Above is a drawing I manged to do in some gaps today whilst manning our portrait studio up at Barnoon Workshop. I now have ten more drawings to do in my new obliterarty book and the front and back covers and it will be complete. and then I will have to find the next project to move on to. The book has really taken me over and by this stage in a project I sometimes have an idea of what I will be moving on to next but as yet I have no idea whatsoever.

Today like most days recently I did another art drop. and when I got home I had received a message about a previous art drop that someone thought for some reason should not be taken. they have realised now and asked me to post a few small pieces on for her daughter who is about to start a btech on art and why not.

I am in contact with a fellow artist and he like me is finding trouble finding outlets that can deal with what we both seem to call 'Contemporary Abstract Drawing' we seem to be on quite a parallel path in our work with only a few close crossovers. I have loved Ian Pypers work for a number of years now and we both seem to have a similar compulsion to keep drawing. So if anyone has an idea of galleries that would take mine or his work please let me know. Maybe with two of us on the case we may get a little further. Here is a link to some of his work.

It has been such a beautiful day today and I seem to have caught then sun again. My son has received his Easter gift and below is mine from my wife.

I am off to draw now whilst watching the concluding part of Homeland.

Love and Peace to you all.

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