Sunday, 30 April 2017

New Drawing, New Paintings by Zoe Eaton and pens.


Above is a drawing I did last night, thought I had finished it but seem to have missed a few dot in a sequence so I will fix that when I have finished this blog'

Today, for the second time in three days I have put a few hours in at Cafe Art, it was fun meeting old customers again.

My wife Zoe returned from Penzance with a new set of drawing pens for me, always nice to have new pens to play with.

Above and below are my wife Zoe Eaton's new paintings that were chosen and are in The Spring Open Exhibition at The Mariners Gallery and I love these paintings and really nice to see finished works again.

Well I am off to draw soon but without a whole book to work on I feel a little lost but I am sure I will find something to do as I collect my thought on what ,my next challenge will be.

See you tomorrow with new drawings I hope.

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