Thursday, 13 April 2017

Abstract Drawing Class, Barnoon Workshop, New Work and another art drop.


Above is a drawing I did last night, I am trying to make all the works in this current book that I am working on have some sort of abstract narrative, I believe it shows many aspects of my work and my thinking and hopefully my invention as I go through it.

Above is a drawing I started last night and finished today as part of my abstract drawing workshop at Barnoon as my students worked on their final drawings. I had two students this afternoon from Canada and I think they got a lot out of the experience and they were very inventive too.

I also helped my wife Zoe Eaton a Paint a mini masterpiece session this morning, where we had 8 on the class. This was a very productive class and some very interesting work was done. It was all based on the St Ives artist Patrick Heron. Below are some examples of the work produced.

Above is a little art drop that I also did. I have had quite a bit of feedback from customers at our classes of ones they have found and it seems to be giving a little bit of joy to those who find them too, which is the main idea and of course it is about getting my name out there too, each one is a little signed piece.

We have had a big struggle over the winter and early spring because the footpath past our workshop has been shut for over 5 months now and from the information we have it should be open by Saturday morning. I am really hoping that this is the case as we get a high proportion of our trade from people who discover us in this way. It has cut off some of our lifeblood for nearly half a year now and we have events planned that rely on this. So we have our fingers crossed and our hearts in our mouths and hopefully the second week of Easters workshops will be busier and less patchy because of the re-opening.

I must get on with drawing as I have so much to do to get ready for handing in work for the next open exhibition at The Mariners gallery and my current book to finish too.


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