Sunday, 2 April 2017

New drawings, art drops and stuff.


Above is the drawing I had nearly finished yesterday and did complete it last evening whilst watching the Danish dramas last two episodes of  'Follow The Money'. Fascinating and gritty as a lot of Scandi Noir is.

After finishing the first one I then embarked on the one above and then finished it today in spare time whilst being at the ready at our Your Face My Art event at Barnoon Workshop.

Also today I managed to start and finish this drawing whilst sitting in the sun outside the workshop. It was a beautiful day.

Today I also manage to do several art drops, above and below. These are all done on 'sea pottery' found on the beach. I love making small works in this fashion and love to leave them around town as little art gifts.

Above is the last art drop I did today and I had a message saying that it had been found, which is nice, apparently the lady  who found it her son calls me 'Bobby Hobnob' which is very sweet and amusing. I like that.

As I left the workshop this afternoon I took this snap across the bay with one of my favourite buildings in town, The Palais De Dance, that was taken over by Barbara Hepworth as studio space for some of her bigger works. It was gifted from the Hepworth foundation to The Tate a while back. I will be interested to see what happens to it in the future.

Talking of The Tate this is the pathway that runs down the side of our workshop that is meant to be re-opening in ten days times, somehow at this moment I doubt it. This is a bit of a lifeline to our workshop and has been closed for nearly five months and has had somewhat of a strangle hold on our business. I have been a great supporter of the Tate over many years but this is really beginning to hurt. We will see but.....

I am now off to draw and get ready for what tomorrow brings.

Cheers all.

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