Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Workshops, Penzance, Art Drops and New Work.


Above is the first drawing I completed in last nights session and is the 34th work in my new 'obliterarty' book. It probably too a couple of hours or so and when finished I was in the flow and started the next drawing immediately.

Above is number 35 and seems to be another of my stained glass type works. I sometimes think I would be wonderful to actually be able to make a large window. I am reminded every time when I enter Tate St Ives and see the Patrick Heron window how much of an honour it would be to be comissioned or asked to submit a design for a large window. I have only seem in books ones made by other artists and I do not think I have anything near enough kudos to be even asked at this time but it is good to have ambition and to visualize what the future might bring.

Today has been quite a varied day for me, I helped Zoe my wife open the workshop for this mornings sand casting session, after the workshop had started I went off to catch the bus to Penzance to pick some materials up for future courses. Paper to draw on, canvases to paint on, cadmium yellow water colour and some white acrylic and a new drawing pen. I could have bought so much more but we still have some budget restraints, hopefully that will be alleviated soon.

Above is a view from Castle Gate over to Mounts Bay, St Michael's Mount and The Lizard Peninsula beyond, the Lizard is the most southerly point on mainland Britain. It was lovely to see all the may blossom coming out and the remnants of the daffodil crops and also crops of gorgeous blue lilies.

Whilst waiting for a return bus at the bus station I nipped over to the sea defences and took the shot above with a slightly better view of The Lizard.

I returned to St Ives on the bus with my £6 ticket which was not at all an unpleasant journey, got home and replied to some emails and updated a small part of the website then returned to help clean up at Barnoon so it could be ready for my guitar workshop, returned home again had a spot of dinner and then ran back to the workshop to deliver some guitar teaching. It was a nice little workshop and now I am back home writing this blog.

Also today I have done a couple of little art drops, I always wonder who will find them. Yesterday I had some lovely feedback about someone here on holiday that were hoping to find an art drop or two and they did and sounded very happy about it too having failed to find any on previous holidays. It gives me a nice feeling that there are people out there looking for these and enjoying their finds.

I am now off to continue working on my latest book.

Cheers all.

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