Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Art Spread, Barnoon Workshop, New Work and Art Drops.


Above is the drawing I did in last evening session, my blog seems to starts this way most days but it is reporting in on my new work and showing what I have done. I was lost in thoughIts of our recently deceased friend and fellow artist Colin T Johnson and also in worried thoughts about this world.
I finally relaxed and started working out things for our future workshops this coming Easter.

Today started by getting Barnoon Workshop clear so we could set up for this afternoons 'Drawing with Sharpies session. I did a couple of small art drops above and below before the workshop started.
We ended up with 10 people and it was a very busy session, my wife Zoe was fabulous at leading this busy afternoon and I acted as 'teaching assistant'. Two hours flew past and everyone produced lovely work, some of which seemed to be quite influenced by some of my dot drawings. A couple of my books were used as an example of what you could do with sharpies.
At the end of the workshop one of the ladies brought up the fact that she knew me as Peter but had seen me in a magazine as Bobby Wotnot. I explained the story behind that and that I had been called that for over 10 years now. I realised that magazine she had seen my work in must be Art Spread which I found out had arived in town yesterday.

We then cleaned up after they had all left and nipped down into town for a sit down, a coffee, and to gather our thoughts. We went to Cafe Art and found that they had Art Spread so I picked one up as you can see below.

Whilst we were in the Cafe we met quite a few friends who had known Colin longer than us and we shared some good thoughts about our friend. It was decided that we would all raise a glass of red wine sometime this evening in his memory. This I have just done with my wife, his life was all about art and the arts and we honour that.

I am now starting to think what I am going to draw tonight I plow on in my quest to make a living as an artist.


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