Friday, 7 April 2017

Art Drops, Framed Work, New Work and out and about.

Friday: Not a good day in history. It has also been a beautiful vibrant day in St Ives with a lot of people populating the town. I would also like to thank Andrew 'Trim' for his support for us and Barnoon Workshop.

 Above are the sea pottery drawing I did last evening all part of me getting ready for some art drops.
 There was lovely bright sunshine streaming through the window as I took the photo of these contrasting to the max on the news that Donald Trump had bombed Syria without asking congress first. I fear for the world a little more than normal today.

Above is the drawing that I seem to have been drawing for days and last night I actually got it finished. I have now started on the next page of the book that this is from and will try and finish that one in one more hit tonight.

Today to raise my spirits I spent a little time adding to this drawing on wood that I did last year and had framed. I am delivering some works to Olives Cafe on Island Square later today but looking at it again it seemed unfinished so the addition was fine liner circles and now I really like it and will be proud to have it up for sale on the walls of the cafe.

Before getting on the way to Olives we popped in on Erin Lacy to drop a poster off and bumped into Erin's Mum and Sharon the singer. Sharon is from the old country and knows quite a few people I have played in bands with. I had these with me to do some art drops, I also had to pop in on one of our drawing group so I let Sue choose one before doing the drops. Recently I have been doing the drops in multiples but today I thought one at a time around town.

Here above and below is how we ended up hanging my framed works at Olives and I think they all go together very well and look good on the wall too. I am hoping to get some sales here and so I am not pricing them at gallery prices.

The day started badly what with my state of mind today and not helped by world events but I am noe feeling a lot brighter and ready for tomorrow.

I am now off to draw and to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening and plot what next to do with my work and getting it out there.

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