Monday, 24 April 2017

Drawing Class Barnoon Workshop and some drawings from the past year or so.


This morning started as Mondays do with the drawing class at Barnoon Workshop and today's subject was quick gestural drawing. So my wife led the group down to Porthmeor where we found a lot of people to draw and below are a few of mine. It is a challenge to capture people why the are going about their business. I enjoyed it and got quite immersed and seem to be fining a couple of styles. After nearly an hour and a half we all legged it back to the workshop to add some colour to our works.

After the group left we were given this site a huge crane working on The Tate extension its size made The Workshop look even more under siege, but it was impressive.

This afternoon was spent dreaming up new drawing experiences for the coming months, more about those soon.

I have no new finished drawings to show you so I am going to share some older works with you for today.

Above and below two drawings on wood.

Above two small drawings on 'sea pottery'

Above and below two drawings on paper.

Above and below are two much larger drawings, A1 in size.

I am now off to draw as I do nearly every evening for a few hours.


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