Sunday, 9 April 2017

New work, art drop work and recent work.


Above is a drawing I did in last evenings drawing session, it took quite a bit of time as there is an awful lot of dots.

Also last evening I added to my collection of sea pottery drawings for my next series of art drops, most of the ones I have put out over the last week have been found although I did see a few still in situ today. I am aiming to make a small drop everyday in this coming week but I our workshops get very busy I may not quite make that ambition, we will see.

Today was another non busy day doing the portrait studio thing but only what we expect and a good try out for when the footpath is re-opened next Saturday. Today Lauren Sebastian spent the afternoon with us and although we weren't really busy it was a jolly time and we feel somewhat bouyed up by it.

We have also set up they workshop for our first session tomorrow which means no panic in the morning and we have sold further tickets for our events this week. It all helps.

I will leave you with a random selection of work from the last year or so.

Above a small 'tag' drawing between myself and Zoe Eaton my wife.

Above a drawing on wood.

Above one of my larger pebble drawing.

A page from one of my whole sketchbook works.

Above is a drawing from my first whole sketchbook work.

Above my very first 'bleeding narrative' drawing that was in my first solo exhibition in 2008/2009 at Stantonbury Gallery.

A small drawing on a piece of mineral.

Above is a large A1 size drawing that took weeks to complete with snatched hours here, there an everywhere whilst inbetween other work.

Above is a mini exhibition in a box that consists of small drawings on paper, a piece of my 'sea pottery' and a fragment of plastic fusion work and below is one of the drawings from the box.

I am off to draw, realax and get ready for a busy holiday week of work.

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