Wednesday, 26 April 2017

New work and getting your entries ready.


 Above and below are the two last drawings that will complete my latest book, the one above is now done and has taken more than three evenings work, it seemed like such a simple idea before I started it and it just went on and on but now done.

Now on to the second of the two drawings as yet unfinished and will be the one I am working on after I finish this blog. I have an idea of how I will continue as it was part of the initial idea and I will show you what I did tomorrow.

Today was partly taken up today by getting our entries fully ready for the open exhibition at The St Ives Society of Artists. It was £10 per entry and we entered two each. I do hope they get in and sell too. We delivered them to April by about 4 O'clock and after my framing issues and Zoe having not completed both painting until about 3pm, we are both pretty happy.

Since then I have delivered my usual Beginners Guitar Session at Barnoon Workshop, watched a bit of TV and written this and now I am ready to draw.


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