Thursday, 20 April 2017

New drawings and stuff.


Last evening I actually managed to get back to drawing and produced this red and black image above. Yet again as so often with this whole book work that I am on I am content with this work and how it fits in with the rest of the book.

I have also embarked on the drawing above which I will finish tonight and then hopefully have time to continue starting the next one. I am now only a handful of drawings away from completing this work. It has taken although I haven't quite worked it out some 5 weeks of drawing, the only other drawings I have done in this time is for my art drops and the ones on Monday mornings at the Drawing Group at Barnoon Workshop.

This morning whilst setting up for this mornings workshop we were greeted by this sight, which is the calmest I have ever seen our part of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the first time I have witnessed it so still resembling a lake rather than a mighty ocean with the waves lapping rather than breaking on the beach.

We have contiued to run workshops with diminished numbers over Easter mainly due to the footpath that goes from Barnoon Hill to Porthmeor Beach still being closed even though it was meant to be open on the 14th April and we found out today that it will not be open until 7th May which will be a full six months of it affecting our business. It has been a meager winter and spring.

Also today I have done some photocopying to get more leaflets out and about, visited The Farmers Market at The Guildhall, got the rest of our boards back from The Sloop Studios where we were also given a new second hand 'A' board for our use. So not a great day but a nice warm day with lots of things to get sorted.

As usual I am off to draw and get ready for tomorrow.

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