Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Art Drops, New work and stuff.


Above is the latest drawing in my as yet unfinished 'Obliterarty' book, the stripes took ages and the rest flowed nice and quickly and another pleasing riff.

Today we moved our 'portrait studio' to The Sloop Studios, which should have been a good thing, unfortunately the decorators turned up and spent most of the day getting in the way including blocking the main doors for a couple of hours which was a real shame as we had a caricature artist down from the midlands, another great idea foiled by circumstances. At lunch time I did a few art drops as you can see below.

The one event of the day that has made life much more interesting is our allegedly besieged and unelected Prime Minister has called a General Election after saying that this would not be the case so many times. I can't believe anything that she says having driven on with seemingly no strategy but to take from the poor and the needy and give to the rich. I hope she loses and our country becomes a more caring sharing society.

Above is the graphite panoramic drawing I did yesterday but forgot to take a photo of that I mentioned in yesterdays blog.

This is a shortish blog today as there is other stuff happening in my world maybe I will share when I am able.

Tonight I want to see the news and see how biased  the media is and to really get stuck into some drawing and get ready for the world tomorrow.


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