Saturday, 8 April 2017

New work, Sea Pottery, Ostraca Portraits and Wood Drawings.


Above is a drawing that I completed in last nights drawing session and I am pleased with the result. it is yet another spin on my obliterarty drawings 28th in my latest unfinished book.

 Above is a drawing that I started last night but it didn't seem to be finished so in some gaps today I may have finished it of, however it might not be quite finished but at the moment I am satisfied.

Above is the 30th drawing in the same book as is finished.

Whilst finishing and starting drawings in my book I also managed to do these sea pottery drawings that contribute to my 'art drops' I really enjoy coming up with new ideas for the small works and it does feed in to my other work. I enjoy doing them and then placing them out and about for people to happen upon them spreading a little happiness and free art.

Today myself and my wife Zoe Eaton have been manning Barnoon Workshop as part of our pop-up portrait studio and above is one of my 'ostraca' works that is my contribution to that experience. We had a few people in today which was nice but with the footpath past the workshop we didn't have as many as we could have. We are 'promised' that this footpath will be open by next weekend and that will certainly help bring in more people to our 'pop-up portrait studio' and to the full program of  events and workshops that we run at Barnoon, this is how we make a living along with our own art sales.
After we had finished today at Barnoon we went off to Olives Cafe on Island Square to add a little information to the work that I now have hanging there. Adrian Olives owner wasn't there when we arrived but the lady who was in charged today told me how much she liked my work and that their customers had been talking about them today. Considering they are abstract works on wood they fit in with the other work there very well indeed I am both happy and slightly surprised how well they work in the space, I hope they find nice homes to go to.

Above and below are some of these works before they were framed. The wood was donated in log form by one of our regular attendants to our Monday morning drawing group. So thank you Graham, he has now donated two more bits of log wood for future works. I would have started on these by now but have been thoroughly involved in my recent book works.

Below are four of these now framed to give you an idea of how they look.

Well I am off to get on with my art as I do nearly every day of the year. Cheers!

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