Monday, 17 April 2017

Start The Week, Contempory Abstract Drawings and others and art drop prep.

Above is a drawing that I am not sure is completed yet although it does seem quite pure in its form so I am thinking why complicate it. At this point I don't no either way, we will see later.

Above is another drawing that is complete, I started it yesterday afternoon and finished it in my evening drawing session and it is another twist in my obliterarty quest.

Today started as most Mondays do with me attending my wife's drawing class at Barnoon Workshop.

Above is a picture of me doing preparatory drawings for a larger panoramic work that I eventually did with a graphite stick. I am sqinting a bit because I was working without my glasses on as I was mainly looking at things in the distance. I managed to not do a close up of my larger drawing.

Above are the three prep drawings I did with a 0.1 fine liner, different aspects of St Ives Bay from Barnoon Terrace.

Above and below are a couple of  close ups of the preps.

Above is an art drop that I am preparing, maybe I will do another drop tomorrow and I also know that another art drop was found today, which is always nice.

I am now getting ready to start my evenings drawing.

Cheers all.

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