Friday, 14 April 2017

Barnoon Workshop, New Drawings, Pick Pretty Paints and stuff.


Today has been a busy day with workshops morning and afternoon at Barnoon, this morning was Beach Find Mosaics and this afternoon we had a felt making workshop. Inbetween we had acheap but nice lunch in The Queens Hotel to try an bolster our morale, which is not good at the moment due to (un)forseen circumstances. It has been a good week for workshops and we have to get ready for a hopefully busy weekend.......
In all the ups and downs of life at least I have art.

Above is one of the two latest drawings I did yesterday as the continuance of my latest whole book work, which so far is called 'Obliterarty Volume 3'. I am nearly 40 drawings in to this work so far and have now broken the back of this quite large task. Each drawing is some 13" by 9" approximately and it takes a good few hours for each individual page. It has been quite intense to work on coming up with new ideas and new riffs for each page, I am enjoying the work very much and am really quite happy with the way it is going so far.

Above is the second drawing I started last night and manage to put the finishing touches to it whilst the felt making workshop was going on this afternoon. I also started the next drawing which will be the one I will be working on when I have finished this blog.

After workshops had finished I returned home for a while but then we had to go back out for the opening of our friend and fellow workshopper Erin Lacy's 'Pick Pretty Paints' unit in the Sloop craft Market.

Above is a quick pic of the event, it was a good and vibrant affair, the food was fabulous and the drinks and the chat flowed with many old friends attending and meeting new people to. The Sloop Market is now looking a lot more funky than it di a year ago and is becoming a must go to place in St Ives again and long may that be.

I am off to draw now so I can have new work to show tomorrow.


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