Saturday, 1 April 2017

New drawing, Ostraca, Art Drops and Tate St Ives

Saturday: Another day as an artist in St Ives.

Above is a drawing I managed to do last night after writing my slightly drunken blog after getting home after The Tate St Ives opening.

Today we went up to Barnoon Workshop to get ready for our Your Face My Art event. Zoe my wife and Erin Lacy from Pick Pretty Paints who were our main artists for the day. We had a bit of a disappointing turn out, maybe the closure of the path up from Porthmeor is still affecting us, well actually not maybe it is. Unfortunately The Tate as an organisation has denied it is affecting us so I will have to set up a meeting with the local Tate and have a chat about this, to be honest it has all hit us a bit hard this winter. John Higgins came and joined us for a while but with scarce clients he went home early and will join us for a future Your Face My Art event. So although my name wasn't on the list today I had my first taker and below is the drawing I did on a book page and the finished drawing on a pottery fragment (ostraca) in it's box and it is actually the first drawing of something non abstract I have ever sold. I am back there tomorrow hopefully to do more.

In some of our spare time we drew on a few stones and tagged them with #yourfacemyart and then did an art drop around town of them to help do a little extra promotion for tomorrows event. So above and below show you what we got up to.

Above is the 20th drawing in my new 'obliterarty' work that I managed to fit in in gaps today.

Above is a small Wotnot art drop that I also did today.

So I am off to draw and also to tweek our social media to get the word out for tomorrow.



  1. My son was delighted to find his Bobby Wotnot near the Hepworth Gallery this afternoon (although he does he calling it a Bobby Hobnob..) Thankyou! 😀 Kat

  2. Kat, that is sweet as and nice to know. Cheers to you and him from Mr Hobnob.