Friday, 28 April 2017

The last page done and in an exhibition.


Before I discuss today above is the last drawing completed in my now completed book, the third in my Obliterarty series. So what will I draw tonight, to tell you the honest truth I have no idea but I do have some off cuts of fabriano to use.

This morning started with my wife going up to Barnoon Workshop and running a plastic fusion workshop. Whilst I went down to do a few hours in our old business Cafe Art. It was interesting to get making coffees again and many customers were happy to see me behind the cafe bar one more time and nice to see a few folk I haven't for a while.

After working I went up to Barnoon and then off around town changing our posters saying we will be on portrait duty.

We then returned home, got the dinner on and found out that both our works each had been selected for The St Ives Society Of Artists Spring Open Exhibition. It opens tomorrow and was curated by Anthony Frost and we are both chuffed. We will be at the viewing tomorrow from about 4.15pm

Above and below are the two drawings that I have got into the exhibition I mentioned above.

Here is another little view from my day, a crane and hoardings and a shut footpath.

I am off to relax and draw.

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