Monday, 24 April 2017

Sunday stuff in an artists life.


Above is the drawing I did most of in yesterdays evenings drawing session and finished off today with a few final flourishes, and is another riff on what is going on in my now nearly finished new whole book work.

Today we went up to Barnoon to open up our contemporary portrait studio as we have done over the last few weekends, whilst hampered by the continued footpath closure down the side of our building courtesy of the overdue works on the Tate. They are having a really big effect on our business but we carry on regardless.

Eventually today we had a customer and she chose me to do her portrait in my 'ostraca' style and above is the drawing I did on some 'sea pottery' presented in a box.

Patricia from Germany then decided that she wanted a portrait from all of us and evn made us pose with our works for her.

After we had finished our day and on the way back home I took this pic of cherry blossom and palm blossom just up from our house.

This evening we then went out to friends for a cheese and wine evening and a bit of a musical Jam to. a mighty fine fun evening.


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