Saturday, 15 April 2017

Contemporary Abstract Drawing and Barnoon Workshop


 So last night as predictable as ever I spent quite a few hours drawing in front of the television,  seemed like another dull evening of Friday night 'entertainment'. The news was depressing, all this war posturing by Trump and North Korea and cuts, cuts, cuts by our so called Government making things worse in this country rather than solving any problems we have. I am sick of corporations and the greed that comes with it. I feel that culture is being eroded for the worse. So as usual I bury myself in art and my art.

 Above is the first drawing I did in last nights drawing session, lines and grids one of my popular themes I know but I love coming up with new riffs on what I do and it keeps my spirits up and brings me some comfort.

 Here above is the second drawing I started and I did not complete it, however during the course of the day which was a bit of a slow one I managed to complete it. We have been running our portrait in 15 minutes studio at Barnoon Workshop. The town is getting very busy with tourists but there was an endless stream of cars trying to park in Barnoon Car Park and a few people were lucky and got a space but so many didn't. St Ives is a very very popular destination with a lack of parking, when I say lack I mean we are so popular that the parking space we do have are not enough.

We did a lot of planning and plotting today but I still managed to get this drawing above done although I am now sure it is not complete so this is where I start tonight by making a conclusion to it.

At the end of the day a lady that came to my evening guitar workshop on Wednesday wanted a second lesson before she went back to London so I finished at 5:15 pm and then went to catch up with my wife at The Rum and Crab Shack for a quick soda and lime and then we picked up a few things at Trims and The Co-op and went back up the hill for dinner.

I am now writing this and preparing for this evenings drawing and get closer to finishing off this book that I embarked on quite a bit over a month ago.

This week has been a frustrating but interesting one, we have done some really good workshops and strange for me quite a few people on the workshops had a bit of awareness of my work, perhaps my name is getting out there a bit more and being in Art Spread seems to be spreading the word too.

I continue with my work as I must, it has become so much of what I do in these past years and you never know what is around the corner as I continue my life in my creative fields.

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