Monday, 3 April 2017

Art Drops, Winsdor & Newton and Sharpie drawings.

Yesterday I only managed to start one drawing and it is nowhere near finished and so not worth showing you today. Not often I don't have new works to show you but hey that is how that happens.

I did another little art drop today and left them near Barnoon Workshop, as it is nearing holiday time and I have received a few messages asking if there will be any art drops over the Easter Holidays and my answers is yes there will be and I am upping my product thereof.

Today I attended and help at the drawing session at Barnoon Workshop and for a change it was run by Tree Stewart who is part of the team and also runs aerial workshops at The Island Centre and is a member of Emerald Dawn. It was a really thought provoking session involving composition.

Since then we have been working on our website and social media pages after that I have contacted Winsor & Newton and Sharpie offering to test there pens to destruction and maybe to get some sort of sponsorship. I do so much drawing that actually I cannot quite afford to have enough of the pens and markers to do explore much further and just use what I can afford. I would be happy to extol the virtues of these pens which I have done many times in my blogs over the last year and a bit that I have been doing this daily blog.

As I have no other new works to show you today I will show you some Sharpie and W&N works from the last year or so.

Above a promarker and gel pen drawing.

A larger scale promarker and gel pen work.

Above promarker on handmade paper.

Above sharpie a go-go.

A larger A1 size drawing with promarker using the wedge end and the pointed ends too on Fabriano 300 gsm.

Above is the cover of  'Obliterarty Volume 2' done with the wedge end of promarkers.

A page from Obliterarty Volume 2 with Sharpies and a fine liner.

Sharpies to destruction on A1 Fabriano 300gsm, dots get bigger as the nibs enlarge through use.

Above is another drawing from a whole sketchbook work done with promarkers, lovely vibrant colours.

I am off to draw now so I have something new to show you tomorrow. Cheers.

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