Monday, 10 April 2017

New work, art drops, Barnoon Workshop and Colin T Johnson RIP.


 Above is the drawing I did in last evenings drawing session, I am happy with it as another spin on what I am doing in this current book and am hoping to finish this whole book before the end of the month, we will see.

Today started with our drawing class and the theme was about making and starting a holiday journal, a few of our regulars had already done this workshop so I took those off to Norway Square as the weather was clement to do so, If the weather had been less good we would have gone into the Society of St Ives Artists to draw inside. We ended up with plenty to draw from in the square. Zoe led the session back at the workshop, both went very well. We ended up back at the workshop to conclude our morning. I had quite a lot of interest in my book which is always welcome but still surprises me a little.

We then had a quick spot of lunch and then I had a quick dip into town to pick a couple of bits up for this afternoons water colour session 'All About Colour'. Zoe led this session and I went off to sort some other stuff at home and did some art drops on the way.

I returned just before the workshop finished to find a very vibrant atmosphere and some happy people. Some of the good folk on the workshop had been to us before and one lady saw my drawings on rocks and announced that she had bought one from the now defunct Uys Gallery on their last visit and uses it as an art paper weight. Another had taken a lot of interest in my current unfinished whole sketchbook. It is always good to get unsolicited feedback and it gives me heart that I am doing work that people connect with.

After clearing up we decided that we deserved a little treat on the way home, we have been a bit short on treats recently due to circumstances so we went for a bit of decompression at The Rum and Crab Shack for a coffee. I started work on a new drawing in there as we worked out a bit of a plan for later in the week.

I also left a little art drop before we left.

It has been a very good day workshop wise but we did receive some very sad news earlier that our friend and fellow artist Colin T Johnson had died early on Saturday morning. He had been ill for a while and had rallied several times before he finally parted company with this world.

Colin was one of the first artists we had met when we came to St Ives when we started our arts cafe, Cafe Art here. We put on several exhibitions of his work and had him round for dinner a few times. He had been in failing health for quite a few years now but it is still a bit of a shock he has finally departed. A very interesting character has left our world. Time to digest this fact.

I am now off to draw and get ready for tomorrow, hopefully I will have some folk on my Tour and Draw tomorrow morning and also have to get ready for our Drawing with Sharpies workshop tomorrow afternoon.


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