Saturday, 29 April 2017

Private View St Ives Society Of Artists and previous stuff.


Above is one of two drawings I have been working on in stages, both last night and this afternoon. At the moment I am not sure if it is a single drawing or part of a pair or not, I will see later.

Above is the other one that I decided to add some graphite around the initial circle form, I kind of like the way it frames it.

We spent some time at the workshop today hoping that we might get an odd portrait to do but got on with other stuff too.

After finishing at Barnoon we went off to the Private View for the Spring Open at The Mariners Gallery, we both have two pieces in each and it was a merry affair. We met a lot of people and chatted to many. The show is well hung and of a great variety and shows off quite a slice of work. I am so pleased to have been chosen again and quite a few people wanted to chat and it was very nice to meet people who actually appreciate your work, heart warming.

Another view of the show with one of Zoe Eaton's paintings just behind Eric Ward. My wife got two works in as I did. We go to so many private views in this town it is always good when you are part of the show too.

 Above is a shot of one of my works hanging below Graham Dilley's vibrant painting. I think they work quite well together. Graham is part of our Monday morning drawing group up at Barnoon Workshop.

Another view of tonight to give you an idea of the show and the space and of course the new improved lighting system which really shows the work off much better than it used to.

Above and below are just two random shots from my day and googly eyes work nearly every time for  me.

Building works....

I am off to draw.

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