Wednesday, 5 April 2017

New work and my day.


Above is the drawing I showed in yesterdays blog that was unfinished and here it is now done . It took a while to add the detail with the fine liner.

I then went on to start and finish this drawing above, I don't know but I especially like this one it works very well with the first drawing as opposite pages in this blog.

I then embarked on this drawing above and this will be the drawing I will continue with after I have finished this blog entry.

Today has been a bit of a tough day for reason I may explain at a later date.

I also had a small discourse on social media about the Turner Prize and the age limit of 50 being removed. So I am now legible to be nominated, the final result was that the person I was 'talking to said if I had had a solo exhibition in the last 12 months they would nominate me. That came as quite a surprise to me and really I was taken aback by that statement, but what a lovely thing to say.

This afternoon I spent some time going around the town distributing posters for next weeks Easter Workshops. In the course of me being out and about I met Marie Keeling in The St Ives Society of Artists, lovely to see her again and I asked about that if I was chosen for the next open exhibition would I be able to add some of my whole sketch book works like you are able to add works on paper to the browsers. She saw no reason why but would bring it up at the next meeting. In the future I am hoping to become a member of this enormously historical society, fingers crossed, I would be honoured. I also went to see Adrian at Olives who is allowing me to curate part of his wall space in the cafe, it is a really nice opportunity so I will be back there tomorrow afternoon to start hanging.

This evening I delivered a guitar lesson at the workshop which was fun and my student is making great strides.

I am now hoping for good weather tomorrow and a few people to join us on our Wild Spring Draw, no one has booked yet but we may well get some drop ins but who knows with the path past the workshop still shut although there seem to be quite a few people in town so fingers crossed again.

Well I am off to draw so I have more to show you tomorrow.

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