Monday, 1 May 2017

Barnoon Workshop, and new drawings and seaweed.


Above is the drawing I did last evening using a 0.1 uni pin fine liner, I think it turned out pretty well. I did start another drawing but only did a little bit.

Today started as it normally does on a Monday with Barnoon Workshop's drawing group. A few regulars were away but we had others join us and we had some plants to draw, with our non dominant hand, ink and stick and then drawing pens and add colour. It was a great session that I really enjoyed all the challenges, maybe something I wouldn't have said a few years ago but now I enjoy drawing real things as well as my abstract work.

Above is the last drawing I did this morning and I am actually very happy with it.

Above is a small 'art drop' I did just after lunch time when I nipped down to Porthmeor, to collect some seaweed for this afternoons water colour session.

Whilst on the beach I took these two pics above and below.

I am off to draw and get ready for my art tour tomorrow.


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