Friday, 26 May 2017

New work and tour drawings.


 Above is the drawing I did last night, having already got the framework going it was the filling in and it took quite a long time. It is another variation to my new book and yet again I am very happy with it, you may think I am easily pleased but I am quite critical really I am just on a roll and in fact I can only really judge when I have stepped away from a project how happy I still am with it all but I do just draw for me and hope that others like them and I meet enough people who like them although as ever and as most artists would say I could do with more sales. I still have a hope that that will happen one day so that I can concentrate on my work for more hours in the day so I could do more large scale work.

 Above is the drawing I started today and also had a bit of time to start the 'filling in' and that will be my drawing task after I finish this blog.

 So as you might know if you have read my blogs over the last year and a quarter most of my work is abstract but I also get the chance of drawing real things as part of my job doing tour and draws and above is one that I did earlier in the week from Barnoon Terrace, a wonderful place to take on different vistas buildings, plants and the bay.

Also from this weeks tours is this drawing of the Church from Lambeth  Walk. I suppose these drawings I have a naive style, I find it fits in with my abstract drawing quite nicely and I love drawing with fine liners of various nib sizes at this present time.

The last drawing I shall share is basically a wall, I am enjoying trying to find the language of representing it.

Today was spent recovering from our School visit yesterday which tired us right out so we did a few things up at Barnoon Workshop getting it ready for our half term workshops next week. We took a break for lunch and below is the view. Sometimes you know you are really blessed to live in this place and today is one of them.

So I am now off to draw having done a load of other uninteresting stuff today but never the less and good day.


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