Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday in the life of an artist......


Above is the drawing I started two evenings ago, I thought it would take less time than it actually did, not an uncommon thing.

Above is a drawing I started and finished in my drawing session it also took a little long than I thought it would. I do wonder but not for long how I will start tonights new drawing. I am sure I won't think for too long I have so many ideas so I don't really get that blank sheet of paper feeling that some get embarking on a new drawing.

Today started with us going up to Barnoon Workshop, I had a taker for my coastal drawing tour, a lady from Chicago and above is one of the drawings I did whilst on the coast path towards Man's Head. We spent nearly an hour and a half up on the coast path drawing and also having a bit of a cultural exchange as we drew.

Above is the final view from the last place we stopped to draw and what a beautiful place to be. It can be hard to make a living as an artist here but it does have it's compensations.

There were some great clouds from our vantage point at The Porthmeor Beach Cafe in the photos my wife took above and below.

We went onto the beach and I got a bit fascinated by how grainy some parts of the strand line were this week.

I also did a small random bit of environmental art.

Us and our workshop hit the press this week in The St Ives Times & Echo.

Well I am off to draw.


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