Thursday, 4 May 2017

New drawing, Voting, Whole Sketchbooks and 'Obliterarty'.


Above is a drawing I started and completed in last nights session. It is the opening drawing in my new sketchbook purchased yesterday and I think it is a good start in this what should be a whole work.

This morning Zoe and I went off to Barnoon Workshop to sort a few small things out and then off to have a meeting at Porthmeor Beach Cafe and above is the view, not bad and the coffee is good.

After our meeting we then went off to The St Ives Society Of Artists to deliver some of my whole work sketchbooks for the current open show. I must say looking at these few pics I took of my books on display in The Mariners Gallery give me a bit of a thrill. They go a long way to showing where my work comes from and ends up along with the works on the wall.

Above are my two 'handmade books' total one off and cheap at half the price.

April from the gallery with two 'Obliterarty' books and a sketchbook.

We went up to Ayr Field and cast our votes in the local election.

Early evening I delivered a guitar lesson.

I am now getting ready to finish the second drawing I started in my new sketchbook and hopefully get well stuck into a third.

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