Sunday, 21 May 2017

'Whole Sketchbook and other things.

Above is a drawing that was completed in last evenings drawing session. It had been started the day before but most of the work was done in one final hit. It is another drawing that I think has come out rather well and fits with my current themes and process in the 'whole sketchbook' that I am working on. I am less than a quarter of the way into this endeavour but I am getting deeply into it and enjoying it as it unfolds.

So with that in mind I then started this drawing above, all this work so far has me thinking about starting to draw a new larger drawing I have an unused A1 size sheet of Fabriano 300gsm left and I was waiting for the right idea to use it. I was spurred onto thinking about it as I only have a few weeks to enter The Exeter Open Exhibition which I entered for the first time last year. I didn't get selected in last years but I feel I must enter again and unlikely as it is you never know.

Today I have done a beginners guitar workshop so that was me 11am until 4pm it was a gentle day of teaching.

I now have had dinner, put the bins out and written this blog and then I am off to draw.

Not the most eventful day but a nice one and looking forward to the week to come.

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