Sunday, 14 May 2017

New works of Contemporary Abstract Drawing


 Above is the drawing I finished off that I started in the day yesterday, I am liking it a lot. It seems to be an ever expanding play and deconstruction of dots and lines. All my current drawings seem to come from the wide 'brief' of, 1. Draw the main structure of the drawing. 2. Add to it.

Above is another drawing that I did and completed last night built on the said same principles of points 1 and 2. There seems to be endless things I can do with that as my starting block. It is good for my imagination to keep thinking creatively, as I often say I get more than one idea out of doing one drawing whilst in the act of doing it. I seem to have got to the stage where I am an endless ideas factory which I suppose is better than having to dredge up a new idea, mine are flowing as I explore.

Today has been a day of updating our website, getting the workshop ready for this coming week. Then we had a quick walk around town and above is a view down The Digey at about 5 this afternoon.

Since then a few home chores and now off to draw soon.


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