Monday, 8 May 2017

Barnoon to Porthmeor Beach Footpath Re-opens.


 Above is the drawing I did in last nights drawing session, it fits very well with the drawings so far in my new whole sketchbook work.

Well today was Monday and as I do on every Monday morning is attend my wife's drawing class at Barnoon Workshop and today was so nice we went up to Barnoon Cemetery to draw some trees. It was a little damp on the ground but the sun was lovely and warm and there were plenty of great trees and shrubs to draw as you can see above and below.

 On the walk back to the workshop I took a pic of these reeds that I must simply go back and draw.

Above is the drawing I did this morning, I did the ink outdoors and added a little graphite when I returned to the workshop, quite happy with it.

We decided after the drawing workshop to go down to Porthmeor Beach as a bit of a celebration of the path past Barnoon Workshop re-opening after 6 months and a few weeks late. It was a beautiful place for a spot of lunch and so warm and sunny that my neck has changed colour in the half hour or so that we were down there.

We then went back up to the workshop up the pathway and how lovely it is to walk up this steep hill again, not sure of the aesthetics though but at least after 26 weeks we will have passing trade again which is a great relief for our business but we do have 26 weeks to catch up with now....

A view from the footpath of the work that have started on the roof garden. I love a good crane, I must draw them more before they depart.

After leaving Barnoon to go home and pick up our new leaflets I took this view, it doesn't quite capture the colours that were hitting my eye but gives you a fair idea of what early May can look like down here in Penwith.

This afternoon we went out delivering a lot of leaflets and I had my beard shaved off.

Well I am off to draw now and watch the Barcelona art program on BBC 4 and get ready for tomorrow.


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