Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New Drawing, New Tour and Draw and stuff.


 A standard start to my blog today, above is a drawing I completed in my drawing session yesterday evening. some of the last drawings have been covering the whole page and just for a change I did something a little more minimal I am sure that might change. This is another page in my whole sketchbook work that I have been working on for just over 2 weeks and I think good progress is being made.

I did start another drawing but it quite a basic start so far so not worth recording.

Today I went up to the workshop for one of our new drawing tours and the weather isn't that great again so I was wondering if anyone would turn up and also because these are new activities so the publicity hasn't been around long.

 On my way I saw this random sight beside the Stennack River and then below is the approach to the workshop and at last after over two years one of the cranes is being dismantled to be taken away.

On arrival at the workshop I then found a hardy drawer ready to go out and draw some of the buildings around town.

 First of all we went half way down Barnoon Hill and this was the drawing I did in light rain of the top end of The Palais De Dance, Barbara Hepworth's other studio and where a lot of her larger work was done.

 We then nipped round to Barnoon Terrace and I did this drawing looking out to Godrevy Lighthouse.
The very lighhouse that is the focus of Viginia Wolf's book 'To The Lighthouse' that she wrote in St Ives.

Above is a slightly blurred pic of my third drawing on this tour and is a view of the back end of The Sloop Inn from the elevated position behind Norway Square above the sailing club. Below is what it really looks like.

At the end of the tour I had 5 minutes to make a last quick sketch of The Mount Zion coffee shop just behind the back end of The Wharf.

Above is another little view I had today and shows the kind of sea pottery I pick up on the beach and use a lot of them for my art drops. Below gives you the idea.

I am off to draw. Cheers.

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