Sunday, 7 May 2017

New drawings and the day today.


Above is a drawing that I did two evenings ago but due to feeling ill yesterday did not post.

Whilst in bed yesterday I managed to get some drawing done even though it was a slower process than usual.

Above is a drawing that I did last night when I was starting to feel a bit better and completed it and then started the drawing below but I was a bit short of concentration so finished it today after lunch in the garden.

Above is a little pic of our little jungle garden next to where I had just finished drawing, after that we went out, briefly to the workshop.

After being at Barnoon we went off looking for locations to draw, this is a view of St Ives Museum with Bamaluz nestling underneath, just beautiful on this warm and still spring day.

Above is the view in the other direction straight down the side of Smeaton's Pier and onto Portminster Beach.

While we were down there I took this pic of the Leech tiles that were done last year as part of a kids project.

Found this bit of Cornish wall today and it reminded me of walls in Sennen Cove when I was on holiday as a kid.

Above is a bit of drift wood I found last week, it was drying out nicely in the garden until it rained yesterday and is now drying out again although I have brought it in. It was such an inviting thing to find to draw on. I might not get to it for a while as my head is in my new whole sketchbook work.

Well I am off to draw, back tomorrow.


  1. Just finished reading through this series of blogs - like the drawings very much and the commentary - with all this electioneering I've neglected the Bobby Wotnot postings recently - my loss. A pleasure to get back in touch ...

  2. Electioneering at this moment is very important, keep up the good work and glad you are enjoying the work.