Thursday, 18 May 2017

Art drop, drawing and gubbins.


Above is the drawing I worked on last night but didn't finish so not that much to say about it so far except I will probably complete it in a while.

Today started with me ending up at the place below, I was doing a drawing class with the umbrella title of Beach Life but with this as a view and plenty of people there was a lot to draw. An hour and half flew by.

Above and below are two pages of quick drawings that I did in this drawing session.

I then returned home for lunch and then we went out to have a meeting at The Sloop Arts and Craft Market. and below is part of the evidence. Erin's newly printed bags.

Above is another bit of the evidence of that meeting, we had this little threat between the three of us and damn lovely it was too.

Also whilst out and about this afternoon I did this little art drop, I wonder if it has been found yet?

Well I am off to draw and get ready for tomorrow.


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