Monday, 15 May 2017

Barnoon Workshop, Contemporary Abstract Drawing.


Above is another drawing that I have completed in my latest whole sketchbook work, I am about 2 weeks into it and have done some 20 pages of it so far. I am getting immersed in this project and I am really enjoying the exploration of these ideas and processes.

Below is the drawing I started last night and need to get on with later.

 Well today started as most Mondays do with my wifes drawing class at Barnoon workshop and above gives you a bit of an idea what the group produced whilst drawing fruit with charcoal and then ink and charcoal. A most enjoyable session with great banter.

Above is my final drawing from the workshop this morning my drawing and ink wash kiwi fruit. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have believed I would take such enjoyment out of drawing a kiwi fruit on a Monday morning but drawing 'real stuff' is a perfect antidote to doing all the abstract work that I do. I now believe that both types of drawing are I feel really starting to inform each other.

I love drawing.


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