Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Art Tour, New Drawing, life and stuff.


Above is the drawing I did in last evenings drawing session and tonight I have a new one to get on with.

Today I did an Art Tour and draw around town and when that had finished went back up to the workshop to start getting things ready for the big event of the week. We have 38 primary school children and their four teachers for the day to do a 'sculpture day'. The morning will be on the beach and the afternoon will be relief carving in plaster. Should be fun.

Since then we have been into town to pick up our extra plaster that had been left at Osbourne's and on the way we passed this view on the way down Barnoon Hill. We then went home to work on the website and get teching materials together for Thursday.

I had such a happy day yesterday but catching up with the news of the Manchester attack last night and then finding out that an old friend I had been back in touch with for a few months but hadn't heard from for a few weeks died of a heart attack last Friday so RIP George.

Well I am off to draw and cheers myself up and reflect on the events of the last couple of days.


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