Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Barnoon Workshop, The St Ives Society of Artists, Abstract Drawing and a new finished work.

Wednesday started by me going up to Barnoon Workshop to run my Abstract Drawing session. Today I only had two Dutch people but it was nice relaxed and productive and I helped them explore their 'inner abstract artist'.acher alike Finding out what shapes and drawing materials they connected with and then going through a few preparatory drawings. So is one of my prep drawings from the class today, it is a good way to find new things to do for student and teacher, so below is my last exercise on a4 drawing paper.

Whilst my students were getting along with their last work where we had about half an hour, I went on to finish a drawing I started last night. The drawing is on a water colour experiment that my wife Zoe did a while ago and I had always wanted to do my thing on it. and now it is satisfyingly finished. It is a bit wrinkly but could be framed and made flat again.

Above is a little art drop I did this afternoon.

After lunch I went off to The St Ives Society of Artist to deliver some works for the browser and also to take some of the whole sketchbook works that I have done over the last year or so. I have to go back tomorrow to talk to April how they will be displayed and priced but it is really good and interesting for me as I have never had my books on public display so let us see what that will bring. It feels quite a big thing for me as it will display to those who are interested a broader idea of the breadth of what I do, excluding my works on pebbles and other media.

Above is a slightly blurry pic of Jason who I spent some time with at The Mariners Gallery this afternoon.

I have since done my guitar lesson at the workshop and returned home to write this and see how biased the BBC News is and now I am off to draw in my new sketchbook that I bought at the Society. It seems a bit of a treat to have a new book to start on and I wonder what it will become, exciting.

Cheers all.

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