Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tuesday, drawing and stuff.

Above is another new drawing I started and completed last night, the 38th in my new book. It is going to take quite a few months to get this project completed but I won't let that daunt me.

Today started with a felting session at Barnoon that I was not involved in but I  did a tour and draw around the town and below is one of the drawings I did on our walk. It is a very simple line drawing of the horizon from Smeaton's pier with as few lines as possible.

This afternoon we ran a candle making workshop which was fun and some lovely candles were made.

After the workshop we met with our friends who are staying for a few days and also bumped into Bob Deveraux and also Lauren Sebastian who is back in town after a short stay in Spain.

Short blog today and onto some relaxing and drawing.


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